Sunday, April 6, 2014

Woof! Woof! Welcome Back Casey Jones Bones!!!

We are thrilled to announce that Casey Jones Bones is on board again for 2014!

Opened up a box of #CaseyJonesBones #pumpkin for the #dogs at Wiscasset today    #8 #uslegends #dogstagram #dogtreats #racecar


Casey Jones Bones became an amazing part of our sponsor family last year, and we're very excited at what's ahead for 2014!

Lots going on at #Wiscasset fan appreciation night, including can win this awesome @caseyjonesbones basket! #dogstagram #dogtreats #raceday

Casey Jones Bones Dog Treats are made with all natural ingredients that your dog will love.

No Additives.

No Preservatives.

Just simple healthy ingredients.

It's OK if your dog drools, it's a natural reaction to our dog treats.



The Hooligan crew dogs have been big fans of Casey Jones Bones for years, so they are of course extra excited about this sponsor as well!

And, yes, this means you will find free samples of Casey Jones Bones in the #8 pit all season long, as well as full size boxes for sale!  Come visit... we love hearing about all of our fellow race dogs!

We are restocked with #CaseyJonesBones sample #dogtreats to hand out at the #racetrack ! #uslegends #8 #awesomesponsor #dogstagram

Make sure you like the Casey Jones Bones Facebook page and check out their website as well.  We can't thank them enough for their support and involvement in our racing!